Stoppers for the Oleg Naydenov 2700m on the Seabed

Last update on Sept. 11, 2015.

Stoppers for the Oleg Naydenov 2700m on the Seabed

Allpipe Stoppers have supplied a large number of inflatable stoppers to subsea specialists Fugro who hope to stem the flow of fuel into the waters off Gran Canaria from the sunken Russian vessel Oleg Naydenov.

The stoppers where rushed through production and coated with Nitrile to offer protection against the aggressive hydrocarbons leaking from the stricken vessel now lying at a depth of 2700 metres on the seabed. The stoppers will be secured into position by remotely operated underwater vehicle (R.O.V) while a permanent seal is created.

The Oleg Naydenov caught fire on April 11 while the vessel was docked at the port of Las Palmas. After failing to contain the outbreak authorities towed the vessel 20 miles offshore where she continued to burn, fortunately all crew members were evacuated safely however 1,400 metric tons of viscous fuel oil onboard begun to leak causing a 3 mile slick threatening local beaches, tourism and wildlife. 

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