Fatality in Uganda Spurs Hospital into Action

Last update on Dec. 22, 2016.

Fatality in Uganda Spurs Hospital into Action

If your having a bad day at work spare a thought for these guys at Kagando Hospital, a remote outpost in Uganda on the border of Congo, Africa.

The hospital approached us a couple of months back after a dreadful fatality brought things home to roost for them: The hospital latrines are prone to serious blockages and the only way to clear them was to send in a member of staff into the manhole chamber to rod them.

Unfortunately  on one occasion the operative, completely unprotected was overcome by the toxic fumes and drowned in raw human effluent at the bottom of the chamber - a really REALLY bad way to go but with zero health & safety, no back up and no emergency services this was an accident waiting to happen.

Based upon the lack of technical knowledge, lack of budget and the difficulties in getting spare parts out to the hospital we supplied them with the low tech, low maintenance MSA Turboflo seen being used here in the very same chamber.

This system draws air from outside the chamber by the operative simply breathing through the 9 metre umbilical via a full face mask.

Having been out to a few African destinations I can only imagine the horrors of working in such hot, foul, mosquito infected, effluent soaked conditions with no chemical suit or PPE !! So it was very rewarding to learn that staff morale at the hospital was high, equipment working as expected and of course the sewers clear !

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