Inherently Buoyant Immersion Suits for Ievoli Ivory

Last update on May 17, 2018.

Inherently Buoyant Immersion Suits for Ievoli Ivory

The Allpipe Marine Safety division are pleased to have rushed 50 inherently buoyant PS5002 immersions suits to the Next Geosolutions state-of-the-art offshore supply vessel Ievoli Ivory. 

Arriving at the Port of Trellborg with 1 & half hours to spare, the vessel specifically required specialist immersion suits that could be completely effective without the aid of a lifejacket. The go-ahead to supply was received at 18:00 on the 4th as May bank holiday weekend began, however the suits made it to the vessel berthed in Sweden on time before departure on the 9th. 

Mission Accomplished !

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